New Wine – Old Wineskins

In the gospel of Matthew, Mark and Luke, Jesus teaches in a parable about “putting New wine into old wineskins”.  In ancient days, wine was kept in wineskins, which were skins of sheep or goats with the skin of the legs sewn up, and the neck serving as a mouth of the bottle. “Old wine skin bottles” would have lost their original flexibility and become dry and tough, if used the skins will be destroyed and the wine is lost. Trying to put new wine in old wine skins just wouldn’t work.

Expecting new ideas to work when a person continues to procrastinate, has poor self-discipline or holds on to the past, will hinder their new ideas from becoming successful.  

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Self Discipline

If a person is going to have positive self-discipline, then that person is going to have to continue thinking positive. A person’s behavior is reflective of their thinking or the thoughts they are having. When a person is thinking positive, and is having positive thoughts, that person will display a positive behavior. A person that is thinking negative, or having negative thoughts will display a negative behavior.

Self-discipline can be defined as; applying the needed effort on your own, without outside restrictions or boundaries, to do what needs to be done in order to get the results that a person wants to obtain.

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Procrastination will rob anyone from having the feeling of completion. We will find excuse after excuse as to why we just simply don’t want to complete the task, often procrastinating until the last minute, and then we finally realize that “I’ve got to get this done!”

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The Word – Activate It

A step in attaining true spiritual growth, will require the “activation” of the Word of God in a person’s life. When we activate something, it then becomes operative, and effective.

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